How to use

GetSoup is an easy to use application to help locate services in your local area — and even outside of your local area.  This page explains some of the ways in which GetSoup can help.

  • Did you lose your job?

Hey, we’ve all been through bad times.  If times are not quite perfect for you right now, maybe we can help you find some local services.

  • Do you want to get involved with serving in your neighborhood?

Or maybe, you have some extra time on your hands, and you’d like to help out in the neighborhood?  Well, use Get Soup to find a group that is helping the community — and join them!

  • Are you hungry tonight?

Do you need clothes?  Or maybe just a cup of coffee and a place to get warm for a few hours?  GetSoup is for you.

Using a smart phone or the Internet at the public library, you can find services that can help you directly in your area.  Search by area (GPS location), zip code, or address, and see directly on a map where you can get the assistance you need.

  • Traveling on a budget?

Are you traveling on a strict budget and would like to find a soup kitchen?  By using the GetSoup searching capability, you can locate services in the area you are traveling to.  

Are you heading south after the cold winter?  Identify the city of your next stop, and see what services are available.

  • See a need?

Have you ever been frustrated about the fellow asking for money on the side of the road?  Well, maybe you can help him — and maybe he really does need help, and can’t find it for himself.  

Using GetSoup GPS location, you will be able to find local providers for whatever the stranger in front of you may need.  Shelter?  Food?  Hospital care?  GetSoup can help.

  • Populate the database

Have you heard about a soup kitchen nearby?  Or other provider?  Please help out!  GetSoup is crowd sourced, and relies on you for helping to locate the provider network in your area.


You can use Get Soup from a web browser or from a phone application (coming soon).