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Community Kitchens.. and How this all started…

We’ve all met a fellow or two begging for a buck on main street — and your street.  But have you considered, how did that fellow make it to such a plush environment?

Everyone has a story.  Good, bad, or indifferent, everyone has a story.  This story is probably just like dozens of others.

The idea of Get Soup started while being part of the provider networks.  Providing food pantry items for those who recently lost their jobs, providing a safe place for laundering clothes and taking showers, providing a table to eat a free meal.

But providers don’t often provide three meals a day every day to the general public.

So, how does someone find their next meal?  It is normally word of mouth.  You go to one meal, and someone mentions, did you happen to hear about this other place that provides meals?  And for that matter, how does one find that first soup kitchen?

This was the birth of Get Soup.  How to help folks find the services they need.

And it is only possible with your help, adding new service providers when you find them.

And to that, we thank you.

And the next person who needs a cup of soup or a change of clothes thanks you too.

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